Ryuichi Hiroki

Born 1954. After trained in “pink film”, a soft-core film, he became on his own with an erotic film, “Seigyaku-Onna wo Abaku (Catch the Woman Out)”
in ’82. He got the scholarship at Sundance company in Tokyo and went to join the seminar in Sundance, which script worked then later became Tokyo Trash Baby shot on DV in ’00. His films has been critically successful both
at home and abroad. He has become one of prolific directors in Japan now.

2007 Bakushi
2006 Emu (M)
2006 Koisuru Nichiyobi (Love on Sunday)
2005 Femeiru (Female) [story - Taiy? no mieru basho made]
2005 Yawarakai Seikatsu (It’s Only Talk)
2005 Yokan
2004 L’Amant
2004 Girlfriend (Someone please stop the world)
2004 Kikansya Sensei
2003 Vibrator 
2003 Keiji tai Keiji (Cops vs Cops) short film
2002 Rihatsu tenshu no kanashimi (The Barber’s Sadness)
2001 Bikyaku Meiro (Labyrinth of Leg Fetishism)
2000 Tokyo gomi onna (Tokyo Trash Baby)
2000 Futei no kisetsu (I Am an S and M Writer)
1999 Tenshi ni misuterareta yoru
(The Night the Angel Turned Away)
1999 Hareta Hiniwa (On a Brighter Day)
1996 Gerende ga tokeru hodo koi shitai
(A Love to Melt theSnow)
1995 Kimi to Itsumademo (Forever with you)
1994 800 (800 Two Lap Runner)
1994 Muma (Evil Dream)
1993 Maougai (Sadistic City)
1990 Sawako no Koi (A Love Affair with Sawako)
1989 Doutei Monogatari 4-Bokumo Ski ni Tsuretette
(Virgin Story 4-Take me to the skiing)
1982 Seigyaku-Onna wo Abaku (Catch the Woman Out)

 I am an S+M Writer
  Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki

 KUROSAKI is a sadomasochistic novelist who is denied by his wife,
 Shizuko, of his works. With a sudden change in Shizuko's beauty,
 doubtful KUROSAKI is convinced that she is being "unfaithful" to him.
 Shizuko is actually enchanted in the rope binding performance done
 by an editor and partner in KUROSAKI's secret activities, KAWADA.
 KUROSAKI burns with jealousy that she had become
 a "wife of his dream" with another man. A conflict between reason
 and emotions arises. KUROSAKI gets confused with the absurdity of
 sex and comes to realize that he cannot face his real self and
 his love inside him without hurting another.

 Ren Osugi / Yoko Hoshi / Jun Murakami

 Director: Ryuichi Hiroki/Screenplay: Hitoshi Ishikawa/
 Cinematography: Kazuhiro Suzuki/Lighting: Toshiatsu Kouzuma/
 Production Deginer: Toshiaki Takahashi/Recording: Akira Fukada/
 Editor: Jyunichi Kikuchi/Music: Koji Endo
 1999 Y.F.C and Taiyo Tosho

 (35mm/95min/color/American Vista/Dolby SR)
  Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki
 Rei Hayakawa, a freelance writer, has the ability to hear voices
 within her own head. Voices like that of her mother's scolding,
 school friends' gossip and also the voice of her true feelings
 left unexpressed. But the voices cause her pain: they worry her,
 deplete her sleep, drive her to drink and cause eating disorders
 like bulimia and anorexia. One night in a convenience store,
 with the voices ever present in her head, she meets a truck driver.
 "I want to touch him...". She embarks on a journey with him,
 her body yielding to the vibrations of his truck, releasing her
 from the reliance on the voices in her head.

 Shinobu Terajima/Nao Omori/Tomorow Taguchi

 Producers: Akira Morishige, Takeshi Oshima/
 Script Writer: Haruhiko Arai/Line Producer: Hirohisa Mukuju/
 Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Suzuki/
 Production Design: China Hayashi/Sound Recording: Akira Fukada/
 Music Producer: Hikaru Ishikawa
 2003 Vibrator Production Committee
It’s Only Talk
(35mm/color/126min/Dolby SR/American Vista)
directed by Ryuichi Hiroki

Yuko is 35 years old, single, out of work, and on medication from her psychiatrist to combat her manic depression. Living in Kamata Town (“not an ounce of chic”, according to her web page) Yuko divides her time between a variety of men friends, each with his own peculiarities.
Her university classmate, Homma, suffers from impotence. “K”, whom she meets on the net, is a self-confessed pervert. Then, there is a young gangster, Yasuda, who is a fellow manic depressive. Her cousin, Shoichi, is also on the scene, having left his family to pursue his mistress, only to be given the cold shoulder by her, too.
Yuko seems to create a different persona (and a different history) depending on whom she is talking to at the time. Human contact is just as important for her as for anyone else, but sometimes her condition makes it difficult for others to relate to her for as long as she would like.

Shinobu Terajima, Etsushi Toyokawa, Shunsuke Matsuoka, Tomorowo Taguchi, Satoshi Tsumabuki

Executive Producers: Haruo KAWASHIMA, Tomiyasu ISHIKAWA & Jyunichi Watanabe / Producer: Akira Morishige / Associate Producer: Yoshihiro Nagata / Original novel: Akiko Itoyama / Screenwriter: Haruhiko Arai / Music: nido / Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Suzuki / Production Design: Yasuaki Harada / Lighting: Toshiatsu Kohzuma / Sound: Akira Fukuda / Ediitor: Jyunichi Kikuchi / Costume: Masae Miyamoto / Scripter: Emi KAWANO / Assistant Director: Norimasa Miyagi / Production Manager: Yasushi MINATOYA

2005 Happinet Pictures, EISEI GEKIJO, Sumitomo Corporation, Sky Perfect Well think, Studio Three

(35mm/color/110 min/European Vista/Dolby Stereo/Japan)

Genre: Drama

Satoko is a housewife living comfortably with her husband Hideyuki and her son Masato. One day, she receives an E-mail from a Matching Site and starts working as a prostitute.

There is a young guy named Minoru, who looks sincere and works hard as a paperboy, has a traumatic experience of killing his father when he was 12 years old. His father was a drunk and often committed domestic violence to his mother. Minoru thought this was the best way to save his mother, who nonetheless saw this as a mere disturbing incident and did not show any sympathy to her own son.

One day after work, Minoru’s friend shows him some erotic pictures of “non-professional” women. In these pictures, he finds Satoko with the face of terror. He knows Satoko, as she lives in the area where he delivers newspaper. Minoru could not take his eyes off from Satoko whose look reminds him of his mother’s scared face by the violence from her husband. Minoru involuntarily starts tailing Satoko and incidentally finds her being threatened by a punk, Tawara.

Mixed up by desire, love and hatred, Minoru tries to save Satoko who also want to get out of the mess she was trapped, but this seems just a transient love between real and delusion. Is it possible to find who you really are, when you are relieved from suffering and sadness of your heart?

Miwon, Kengo KOURA, Nao OMORI, Tomorowo TAGUCHI

Executive Producer: Kyoichi MIYAZAKI, Producers: Makoto ISHIHARA,Akemi SUYAMA, Screen Play: Hisashi SAITO, Line Producer: Tetsuo KANEKO, Cinematographer: Kazuhiro SUZUKI, Music by Yusuke OYA, Sound: Akira FUKADA, Editing: Jyunichi KIKUCHI, Production Design: China HAYASHI
(C)2006 M Film Partners