Director  LI Jixian

Year of Birth: 1962
Educational Background: 1989 Graduated from Beijing Film Academy with BA Degree. Main Professional Works(Movie):1992 Movie Weekend Sweetheart (feature) directed by Lou Ye as Art Director, 1994 Movie Girl at Dangerous Age (feature) directed by Lou Ye as Art Director, 1995 Movie Grown-up (feature) directed by Lu Xue Chang as Art Director, 1999      Movie A lingering face (feature) as co-screenwriter (with Lu Xue Chang), 2002 Movie A High Sky Summer (feature) as Director, Selected by the International Forum of New Cinema at 2002 Berlin International Film Festival, Conai Award Winner at Giffoni Film Festival 2002, Invited by some international film festivals including: Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea), Munich Film Festival (Opening), Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Amien Film Festival and Gotegorg Film Festival; 2006 Movie Western Trunk Line (feature) as Director.

Western Trunk Line
(2007 / 35mm / 101 min. / Color / American Vista / Dolby SR / China, Japan)
Director: LI Jixian
Genre: Drama, Romance

It happened in the late 1970s at a remote, small town in China. Following his father, who worked as a surgeon in the army, Fangtou and his family settled down near a railway called ‘Western Trunk Line’. 11 years old, Fangtou was a sensitive, self-abased boy who loved painting dearly. His brother Siping, 18 years old, stayed away from work all day long, rambling alone near Western Trunk Line without leave of absence. He enjoyed being alone in his secret territory: an old warehouse near the Western Trunk Line. He received radio signals secretly from foreign countries there, which to him were a totally fantastic world beyond the Western Trunk Line. A pretty, mysterious girl called Xueyan suddenly appeared in this small town and broke the quietness of their life. She told everybody that she came from Beijing, the “sacred” city in China those days. She was harassed by the local people, who learned that she was the daughter of a counter-revolutionary. Siping defended her against such injustice. Both brothers fell in love with her. The intimacy between Siping and Xueyan hurt Fangtou. But the youthful love between Siping and Xueyan couldn’t blossom in this cold world around Western Trunk Line. They were caught one day by local people in the warehouse. The whole town regarded them as indecent hooligans. They had to part. Fangtou was bullied in his school for his brother’s ‘immoral hooliganism’. He hated Siping, who later joined the army under great moral pressure. Fangtou wouldn’t forgive him even on the day he left their family and the Western Trunk Line as a recruit.Bad news came from the camp where Siping stayed: There had been a typhoon when they had been working on the sea. Trying to rescue the public property, Siping had been swallowed by the billows and died.
Destiny of Fangtou and Xueyan changed consequently…

Cast (characters in the movie: actor or actress)
Fang Tou (Square Face): Zhang Deng Feng / Li Si Ping: Li Jie / Yu Xue Yan: Shen Jia Ni / Fangtou’s Mother: Zhao Hai Yan / Fangtou’s Father: Yang Xin Ping

Executive Producer: Yang Buting, Tai Hisaaki / Producer: Han Sanping, Suzuki Hajime / Executive in-charge-of Production: Jiang Tao / Chief Production Director: Shi Dongming, Yamagata Rika / Line Producer: Zhao Haicheng, Zhong Weijiang / Production Director: Xu Jianhai / Screenwriter: Li Jixian, Li Wei / Directed by Li Jixian / Director of Photography: Wang Yu / Production Designer: Quan Rongzhe / Sound Designer: Li Xuelei / Original Music: Zhao Li / Edited: Zhou Xinxia

(C)2007 China Film Group Corporation and Wako Company Limited