Director: MIKI Satoshi
Born on Aug. 9, 1961 at Kanagawa Prefecture. He started out as a writer for the hit TV variety shows, some of which are legendary known in Japan. He then begun directing stages and has further expanded into TV dramas and films. His directing style has its good and urbane sense of humor, in which seemingly unnecessary episodes and dialogues are developed and interwoven into a story, incidentally making them indispensable parts in the story. His first film "In the Pool" ('05) and the second feature Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast were consecutively released theatrically in the year 2005.

The Insects unlisted in the encyclopedia  (2007)
Damejin (2006)
Jiko Keisatsu (2006) miniTV series
Turtles are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers (2005)
In the Pool (2005)

Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers
[Original Title: Kame wa Igaito Hayaku Oyogu]
(35mm / 90 min. / American Vista / Color / Stereo /Japan)
Director: Satoshi MIKI
Genre: Comedy

Suzume Katagura is an ordinary housewife.Her husband has been sent overseas on business, and although he phones her regularly, he is more concerned with the health and welfare of his pet turtle. The days pass by monotonously… It is as though no one pays her any attention – even her husband. “Does anyone notice me? Will I just get old, and die?” These thoughts scare Suzume…
The ordinariness of her life is interrupted one day when she spots a flier in the stairwell advertising for spies! Intrigued, Suzume phones the number. Three days later, Suzume is instructed to go to a run down apartment. She is greeted by a man and a woman – he is unemployed; she is a shopping mall announcer. They claim to be spies working for a foreign state. Just like Suzume, they are ordinary people with ordinary lives. The couple persuades Suzume to become a spy too. They virtually force the 5 million yen first mission fee on to Suzume, and so begins her life as a spy!

Juri UENO, Yu AOI, Ryo IWAMATSU, Eri FUSE, Jun KANAME, Yutaka MATSUSHIGE, Toshifumi MURAMATSU, Yoshiyuki MORISHITA, Yasuhito HIDA, Yoichi NUKUMIZU, Shunsuke MATSUOKA, Kenji MIZUHASHI, Nobuto OKAMOTO, Kyusaku SHIMADA, Masatoh EVE

Write and Director: Satoshi MIKI / Executive Producer: Naoki HASIHMOTO / Producer: Akiko SASAKI / Cinematographer: Gen KOBAYASHI / Theme Song: Remioromen "MINAMIKAZE" <SPEEDSTAR/OOKIGUMO> / Opening Animation: Tobira ODA
(C)2005 WILCO Co, Ltd.