Gold View is attending at 67th Cannes Film Festival from May 14 through
May 22nd at Japan Booth at Palais. This year's market opened in rather
quiet atomosphere, seemingly less people in the film industry from the
world attending. Unlike last year, the weather has been really good and
you see many people walking on the main street of Cannes. The Palais
where the market is stands right in front of this main street, but less
people walking in the market inside.

Gold View's line up @ Cannes 2014 is mainly the animations in both new
and classic: The Lost 15 Boys-The Adventure On Pirate Island, Animerama
Series which was produced for the first time in the world by late Osamu
Tezuka, was the animations for adult audience. They are:
A Thousand And One Nights, Cleopatra and Belladonna Of Sadness. We also
handle A KITE directed by Yasuomi Umezu. It is the original animation on
which a live action film with the same title starring Samuel L Jackson
is based.

The 66th Cannes Film Fesival opened on May 15 and Gold View is attending at the market from May 15 through May 23, Marche du Film, making its 15th year of attendance at the market.
Gold VIew is presenting some of remarkable classic animation festures that have not known outside of
Japan. We've picked up Osamu Tezuka's classic animation series called Animerama which were aimed for adult audience. A Thousand and One nights and Cleopatra are now available with digital re-mastering masters.
Gold View is attending at the 34th American Film Market, starting from
Nov. 6 through Nov. 13 at Loews Hotel in Santa Monica of Los Angeles.

This year, JETRO secured a large space on 5th Floor where 10 sales
companies gather together, attracting many buyers from the world.

Gold View's line ups for AFM 2013 are a documentary on legendary animation
director, Gisaburo Sugii along with his masterpeice animations like
Night On The Galactic Railroad and Belladonna Of Sadness (he did the
animated part).
Gold View has attended Berlin Int'l Film Festival from Feb. 7 through 12.
We have brought a new animation for children, The Lost 15 Boys-The Big Adventure
On Pirate Island along with classic titles from Animerama in which the late great Osamu Tezuka produced back in early 70s.
63th Berlin Int'l Film@Fest started from Feb. 7 and will be end on Feb.17. The European Film Market will end a little earlier than the festivalwhich is Feb. 15.
It seems getting less people attending at the market
every year, but the business is still doing all right.

KOTOKO won two major awards at 68th Venice Int'l Film Festival (Aug. 31 - Sept. 11):

The Best Film at Orizzonti (Horizon) section + Silver Mouse Award (web critics award). There was about 20 minutes standing ovation after the world premiere screening at Venice!!

Shinya Tsukamoto flew from Venice to join Toronto Intfl Film Festival (Sept. 8 - Sept 18) where KOTOKO was invited in VISION section. There again the film and the director were greeted with enthusiastic applause.

KOTOKO will tour to Busan Int'l Film Festival (Oct.6 - Oct. 14) , The Sitges Film Festival (Oct 6 to Oct 16), The Montreal Film Festival of New Cinema (Oct. 12 - Oct. 23) and goes on.

KOTOKO The latest Shinya Tsukamotofs film / Drama
(91min/color/16:9 /DCP/5,1 channel/Japan/2011)

Venice Intfl Film Festival / Orizzonti section

World Premiere

Press screening

Sala Perla

       Sept. 8


Public screening

Sala Perla

       Spet. 9


Toronto Intfl Film Festival / Vision section

Press screening

Scotiabank Theater 10

      Sept. 11


Press screening

Scotiabank Theater 11



Public screening


      Sept. 14


Public screening


      Sept. 15


Public screening

Scotiabank Theater 11

      Sept. 18


A story of a mother who suffers from double vision.  She sees a person splitting into twoca negative person and a positive person.  Because of this, she never feels at ease and caring for her baby is a nerve wrecking task that eventually leads her to a nervous breakdown.  Things get out of control and subsequently she is suspected of being a child abuser and her baby is taken away.

Available Shinya Tsukamotofs old titles:
Tetsuo The Iron Man, Tetsuo II The Body Hammer, Tokyo Fist, Bullet Ballet, Vital, Haze, Adventure of Denchu Kozo

Contact for Both Venice and Toronto: Kiyo JOO +81-90-2430-6932

Also Available:

YOYOCHU in the Land of The Rising Sex (dir. Masato Ishioka-documentary)
(115 min/color/HDcam/16:9/stereo/Japan/2010) Sample screener available
Rome Intfl Film Festival 2010 Extra section. Busan Intfl Film Festival 2011

Since the dawn of adult videos (AV) in the early 1980s, director Tadashi Yoyogi, AKA gYoyochuh became a prolific creator of pornographic films that were as popular as they were controversial. Today he is considered a great master in the world of adult videos and is often referred to as the Father of AV.  Even now, at the age of 72 he continues to create adult videos.

This documentary introduces his life with its many twists and turns along with a universal theme that is hidden in his works.

Fascinating, detailed study of a veteran AV director-producer... Asian and genre events, plus niche TV. -------Derek Elley /Fiim Business Asia

Cannes Intfl Film Festival

Attended from Ma7 10 through 22. YOYOCHU in the Land of the Rising Sex
was screened at the market screening.

Yoyochu in the Land of the Rising Sex has been invited by 5th Rome International Film Festival (Oct. 28 - Nov. 5 2010), EXTRA section where 12 documentaries competing for the Best Documentary Award.

The director of the docu, Masato Ishioka and the 72 year-old adult video director, Mr. Tadashi Yoyogi will be attending at the festival from Oct. 29 through Nov. 2.

The documentary will be released in Japan from the late January 2011 first in Tokyo and then travel on to nationwide.
03 June 2010

We have participated at 2010 Cannes Intfl Film Festivalfs market from May 12 through 23.

Shinya Tsukamotofs new Tetsuo, The Bullet Man (re-edited version after Venicef09 )

market-debuted at the past Berlin. The film is handled by Coproduction Office, (

Gold View has made a new flyer to promote the directorfs old TETSUOs, Tetsuo, The Iron Man and Tetsuo II,

the Body Hammer.

In Post Production

Gold View es new film, Yoyochu in the Land of the Rising Sex, a documentary focusing on a

legendary Adult Video director, Tadashi YOYOGI, his unique and quixotic approaches to sexual acts and

relations between sexes. It is now in post-production and is completed by the end of July, 2010.

Added New Title (October 2009)

RAIGA, the Monster from the Deep Sea

Another monster from the deep-sea strikes back! This time in Asakusa, where many temples attract visitors

from not only Japan, but also all over the world, a fierce battle is about to begin.

10 May, 2009
Gold View adds three new titles in its line ups. 

SAEKINGDOM - the portrait series - eThe King of Subculturef Documentary

UTAKATA - the portrait series - eThe Queen of ShopholicfDocumentary

Miyoko Drama

19 Feb, 2009

Gold View attended at the European Film Market 2009, bringing a new title
"The Clone Returns Home"


Gold View will attend European Film Market 2009,
bringing a new title "The Clone Returns Home" (

The Clone Returns Homeh screening schedules

Sat. Jan 17  [12:00 PM] ....................Egyptian Theatre (Park City)
Sun. Jan 18  [7:30 PM] ......................Broadway Theatre, No. 4 (Salt Lake)
Tue. Jan 20  [8:30 PM] .......................Library (Park City)
Thu. Jan 22  [11:30 PM] ....................Holiday 3 (Park City)

Mon. Jan 19  [10:30 PM] ........................Holiday Theater, No. 1 (Park City)

Fri. Feb 6  [12:30PM]....................CinemaxX Studio 19
Wed. Feb 11  [09:30AM] ....................CinemaxX Studio 16

(Sci-fi Drama/35mm/110 min/color/American Vista/DTS Stereo/Japanese/Japan)

Visual poetry takes a Japanese view on the paradox of life and death via clone technology and love for family.
Original script written by the director Nakajima won the 2006 SUNDANCE/NHK International Filmmakers Award (f06).
Wim Wenders took an active part as executive producer.

30 September, 2008

Takako Nakajima's first film "TAIZO-International Versionh
won A Best Director of Documentary Film at Bahrain
Human Rights Int'l Film Festival '08

20 May, 2008

Gold View is now attending at Cannes08 film market,
bringing four new titles.

New Tiles
Cinderella Formula
(Comedy of an entrance examination )

A Kite (Girl's action animation)

Kite Liberator
(Girl's action animation)

5 March, 2008
Gold View attended at
the European Film Market 2008

29 Nov 2007
Takushi TSUBOKAWAfs second feature film,
gARIAh received Audience Award at the 2nd Kinotayo Film Festival (  Nov. 13 ? 20, 2007).

15 Nov, 2007
Gold View attended at the 28th American Film Market (Nov. 1 - 8, 2007 /

25 October 2007
Gold View attended at the annual Asian Film Market in Pusan (Oct. 8 - 11), attracting 3600 professionals from 50 countries and at TIFFCOM 2007 (Oct. 22 ? 24)

29 May 2007
This is our new booth at Cannes market this year, where, due to more companies from all over the world booked, was expanded.

23 May, 2007
Gold View adds four new titles in its line ups. 

Fuckinf Runaway (2007 / Japan) Genre: Road Movie
a MOTOHASHI Keita film

The first film by Keita MOTOHASHI whose directing credit mainly resides in TV is based on a prize winning writer, Akiko ITOYAMA (Itfs Only Talk directed by Ryuichi HIROKI) . Hana, 21-year old, is sent to a mental hospital for attempting a suicide, where she meets with a guy from Nagoya who suffers from depression. They decide to run away from the hospital, taking his car for a cross country ride so as to gain their peace of mind.

Western Trunk Line (2007 / China, Japan) Genre: Drama, Romance
a LI Jixian film

The story takes place in a small town in China back in 70s about two bothers, one is 11 year-old and another is 18 year-old who fall for a pretty and mysterious girl from Beijing. The second feature film by Jixian LI, whose first feature gA High Sky Summerh was selected by Berlin the International Forum of New Cinema (f02) and won Conai Award Winner at Giffoni Film Festival (f02). This film was world premiered at International Film Festival of Rotterdam 2007.

Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers (2005 / Japan) Genre: Comedy
a MIKI Satoshi film

Off the beat comedy with much of Manga flavor, it is an ordinary house wife who is sick and tired of being gordinaryh stumbles upon a small job ad for a secret agent. The director Satoshi Miki wrote some hit TV variety shows and begun directing stages and TV dramas. This is his second feature film.

The Village Album (2004 / Japan) Genre: Drama
The village of HANATANI will be sunk in a dam shortly.  One day, a public servant wants to save the memories of the village and decides to make "The Village Album", a photograph collection of all of the families that live in the village, to leave a memory of the beautiful village forever.
The winner at the Shanghai Int'l Film Festival, Best Feature Film and Best Actor, the Best Script Award at Fajr Int'l Film Festival.

9 March 07
Takushi Tsubokawa's two films have been added to the list of our titles.His first feature film, the independent "Utsukushiki-Tennen" [Clouds of Yesterday" (Nuages d' hier)], won both the Grand Prix and the Audience Award at the 2005 Torino International Film Festival.
"Aria" is his second feature film which has been completed.

28 February
Ryuichi Hiroki's two new films` M and Bakushi were shown at Rotterdam Int`l Film Festival. M, the winner at Tokyo Int'l Film Festival with the special prize for Kengo KORA, the male lead, Miwon, the feamale lead were both at the festival together with the director, Hiroki . M was also market premiered at European Film Market which was sold to Singapore and Korea. Bakushi, the Incredible Lives of Rope Masters will be presented at coming MIF at Cannes.
26 October 2007
Gold View will attend the American film market 2007 (Nov. 1 - 8).
Please be advised as follows about the line ups for the up-coming AFM.
[Sample DVDs available].
REIGO has finally been completed and Kibakichi 1 and 2 are added as new titles.

REIGO, the Deep-sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato
(dir. Shinpei HAYASHIYA) ? monster horror

In the midst of World War II, the battleship Yamato, which was thought to be the largest and strongest battleship in the world at that time is confronted with a mysterious monster, REIGO. The character of Monsters are designed and made by worldly known Keita AMEMIYA (Zeiram) and Tomoo HARAGUCHI, well-known for the Heisei "Gamera" series.

(97 min. / Vista /color/Japan/Japanese/2003)
Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Horror, Samurai
A lone samurai walks the countryside. His name is Kibakichi and his mouth hides sharp fangs. When he reaches a desolate village he finds geisha who turn into giant carnivorous spiders and man-eating demons disguised as humans. Their hunt for human flesh was in fact a contract with the town crime boss. What is the bossfs plan? When the secret is revealed, Kibakichi goes into a rage and his body starts to mutatec

(80 min. / Vista /color/Japan/Japanese/2004)
Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Horror, Samurai
Warrior Sakuramaru, is reeking havoc across the blistering countryside slaughtering all-comers in his search for a worthy foe. His quest ends when he meets Kibakichi. But Kibakichi has other problems. He is being tracked by the beautiful Anju, a female samurai werewolf, who continues to seek revenge on Kibakichi for the destruction of their village...

Fuckin' Runaway (dir. Keita MOTOHASHI)@



ARIA (dir. Takushi TSUBOKAWA)

BAKUSHI (dir. Ryuichi HIROKI)

M (dir. Ryuichi HIROKI)

29 NOV 2006
Gold View attended at the Asian Film Market in Pusan (Oct. 15 - 18 ) , attracting 3500 professionals around the world and the American Film Market in Santa Monica (Nov. 1 - 8 )

15 JUN 2006

European Film Market (EFM, February) took place at the new place from this year and Gold View presented Black Kiss directed by Macoto TEZKA (Hakuchi, the Innocent). An independently made monster feature, REIGO, the Deep-sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato directed by Shinpei HAYASHIYA is still in post production and expected to deliver in this summer. We then participated at Filmart in Hong Kong in March. At Cannes in May, we brought additional three new films at MIF: Wicked Flowers, psycho horror, directed by upcoming new woman director, Torico, a gbloody comedyh Zombie, the Self Defence Force directed by Naoyuki TOMOMATSU (Stacy), and Princess in an Iron Helmet directed by Kaze SHINDO (Love/Juice).

Ryuichi HIROKIfs new film, Itfs Only Talk won the grand prize at Singapore International Film Festival in April and also received Audience Award and Special Mention at Barcelona Asian Film Festival in May.

EFM at Berlin Filmart at HongKong
MIF at Cannes

Gold View will bring five new titles at Cannes 2005 stating from May 12 to 23.

1. Whofs Camus Anyway? (dir. Mitsuo YANAGIMACHI)
starring Hinano YASHIAKWA (Tokyo Eyes)

Official Section :Directorfs Fortnight

2. The Buried Forest (dir. Kohei OGURI)
Introducing Karen

Official Section: Directorfs Fortnight

3. Itfs Only Talk (dir. Ryuichi HIROKI) Market screenings
The same team with VIBRATOR ? starring Shinobu TERAJIMA and Written by Haruhiko ARAI

4. Dreaming of Light (dir. Sujin KIM) Market Screenings
A new style of fantasy!

5. Kirei? ?the terror of beauty (dir. Katsuya MATSUMURA) scrneer available
Erotic horror from the director of All Night Long

06 May 2005
Gold View will bring five new titles at Cannes 2005 starting from May 12 to 23.

1. Whofs Camus Anyway? (dir. Mitsuo YANAGIMACHI)
starring Hinano YOSHIAKWA (Tokyo Eyes)

Official Section :Directorfs Fortnight

2. The Buried Forest (dir. Kohei OGURI)
Introducing Karen

Official Section: Directorfs Fortnight

3. Itfs Only Talk (dir. Ryuichi HIROKI) Market screenings
The same team with VIBRATOR starring Shinobu TERAJIMA and Written by Haruhiko ARAI

4. Dreaming of Light (dir. Sujin KIM) Market Screenings
A new style of fantasy!

5. Kirei? the terror of beauty (dir. Katsuya MATSUMURA) screener available
Erotic horror from the director of All Night Long

16 March 2005
Naoto KUMAZAWA, the director of the episode BIRTHDAY from Tokyo Noir won the best director prize at Oporto Intfl Film Festival 2005 (Feb. 21 - Mar. 7, '05) which wrapped up last week its 25th anniversary of the festival. VITAL directed by Shinya TSUKAMOTO received the Special Prize of Jury at Orient Express section at Oporto Intfl Film Festival as well.