Gold View CoDLtdDis a production and a sales company of the films that are commercially and artistically viable both at home and abroad. Established in '96, our first feature production, SCOUTŠMAN (the Japanese title, PAIN) was selected for Critics Weeks at Venice Int'l Film Festival and traveled many world film festivals, receiving the Best Jury's prize for Directors section at Porto Int'l Film Festival in 2001. The film was also selected by the Director's Guild of Japan for the best new director of the year in 2001, the prize to give only one director a year. Our recent output is TOKYO NOIR ('04), an omnibus film about three women with double lives in different generation. Each episode portrays a woman of 19, 25 and 34 years olds who works by day as an office worker/student and by night as a sex worker. The film was directed by two up-coming directors, in which each has own episodes and the last remaining part is co-directed.