Blossoming Into A Family

2016/DCP/Dolby Digital/cinema scope/color/126min

The traditional aesthetic and the family ties that are fading away in the miraculous economic growth in post-war Japan is beautifully and painstakingly portrayed in this film.
It is the story of family tie. The husband who grew up without a conventional family life, his wife and their two daughters. This film follows them over the course of 60 years, from 1920s to 1980s. His wife, after her husband passed away, takes on the responsibility of raising her two daughters at a time in Japanese society when women had little or no freedoms and independence. The eldest daughter also yearns for her own free and independent lifestyle but is held back due to her obligations to support her Mother. The younger daughter has achieved these freedoms and independence for herself.
The director Hiroki Hayashi has worked as an assistant director under famous Directors such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Takeshi Kitano. His 5th film, “Going home” was released 2011 and has been screened for 4 long years at over 1,100 movie houses throughout Japan. This film was put together with seasoned staff with some of Japan’s best known artists. Included in the group is renowned costume designer Kazuko Kurosawa, and Kenji Takama considered Japan’s No1 director of photography.

The love of family, like a magnificent tree becomes stronger as its roots grow deeper and deeper.
Ito, the mother of two daughters, always speaks to her late husband via her inner dialogue. At last, the day has come; their daughter becomes a bride tomorrow, leaving her family house to begin building her own family. This was her late husband’s long waited day. She was sad she could not share that day with her husband. However, her heart is overflowing with an undying love from her husband. In her mind, the days that they spent together as family flash through her mind….