(35mm/color/110 min/European Vista/Dolby Stereo/Japan)

Satoko is a housewife living comfortably with her husband Hideyuki and her son Masato. One day, she receives an E-mail from a Matching Site and starts working as a prostitute.
There is a young guy named Minoru, who looks sincere and works hard as a paperboy, has a traumatic experience of killing his father when he was 12 years old. His father was a drunk and often committed domestic violence to his mother. Minoru thought this was the best way to save his mother, who nonetheless saw this as a mere disturbing incident and did not show any sympathy to her own son.
One day after work, Minoru’s friend shows him some erotic pictures of “non-professional” women. In these pictures, he finds Satoko with the face of terror. He knows Satoko, as she lives in the area where he delivers newspaper. Minoru could not take his eyes off from Satoko whose look reminds him of his mother’s scared face by the violence from her husband. Minoru involuntarily starts tailing Satoko and incidentally finds her being threatened by a punk, Tawara.
Mixed up by desire, love and hatred, Minoru tries to save Satoko who also want to get out of the mess she was trapped, but this seems just a transient love between real and delusion. Is it possible to find who you really are, when you are relieved from suffering and sadness of your heart?

Miwon, Kengo KOURA, Nao OMORI, Tomorowo TAGUCHI

Executive Producer: Kyoichi MIYAZAKI,
Screen Play: Hisashi SAITO,
(C)2006 M Film Partners