(2012/ Hdcam・BD/1920 x 1080/92 min/color/5.1 channel UpMix/16:9)
director:Masato Ishioka
© 2012 Animation Maestro Production Committee

Seventy one year old Ginsaburo Sugi is one of the founding fathers of Japanese animation. He is a wonderful human being and a great artist who has always driven himself to surpass his earlier work and has never allowed himself to be fettered by conventions.

His work includes some of the great masterpieces of Japanese animation, including Astro BoyDororoJapanese Fairy Tales and Tatchi. All of Sugi’s work is hand drawn and his delicate lines encompass the eroticism of “A Thousand and One Nights”, the emotional depth of Tachi, the beautiful silences and soul-searching depth of expression in the eyes of Giovanni the cat in his masterpiece, “Night On The Galactic Railroad.”

This documentary also follows the development of the Japanese animation industry from its early years in the shadow of Disney to its emergence as an international cultural phenomenon and symbol of “Cool Japan.”[:]