Night On The Galactic Railroad
(Miyazawa Kenji-Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru)

35mm/110min/color/dolby/American vista/animation
© Asahi Shinbu-sha/TV Asahi/Kadokawa Pictures

This animation is based on the original novel written by MIYAZAWA Kenji, an author well known throughout Japan. He was a poet and the author of many children’s books. His name and the list of his works are in all elementary school text books nationwide. Night on the Galactic Railroad, a wonderful representative of his works has been the source of inspiration for many creators and has been adapted into many formats in entertainment field.

Giovanni is a boy from a poor family, hoping to feed his sick mother by taking part time job after school. Because of this, he is bullied by his classmates and feels all alone at school. His father has been away from home, deep-sea fishing. Campanella is the only classmate whom Giovanni likes and thinks of as his friend.

At the night of stars festival, Giovanni, who is on his way to fetch a bottle of milk for his mother, sees a gigantic train approaching toward him on the top of the hill. In the next moment Giovanni finds himself on board and soon Campanella joins him. The fantastic journey to Milky Way has begun.