Directed and Written by Masato ISHIOKA

Scout men are men who recruit young women into various services
in the sex industry of Japan. They hang around on the streets and
approach young women and recruit them into the sex industry.
They solicit young women in public openly with no hiding of their
intentions or motives. Their “profession” is not illegal, but against
public morals, and it is a job in which they can make good money.
The story is a young couple Mari (17) and Atsushi (20) who eloped
and came to live in Tokyo from nearby city. One day Mari meets
a girl named Kana who claims that she is 18 years old but in
actuality she is only 15. Mari is surprised by Kana`s ability to earn
a few thousand yen in a very short time. Meanwhile, Atsushi meets
with Miki (24) an Adult Video actress, which eventually leads him
to the world of Scout Man. However this causes a major problem
between Atsushi and Mari…

Miku Matsumoto, Hideo Nakaizumi, Yuka Fujimoto, Akihito Yoshiie,
Shiro Shimomoto, Yuri Komuro

Produced by Kiyo JOO/Director and Writer: Masato ISHIOKA/
Cinematographer: Atsuhiro NABESHIMA/Sound: Hiroshi YAMAGATA/
Editor: Toshihide FUKANO/Music: Kouji ENDO/Costume: Hisano OGURA/
Make-Up Artist: Aiko TAKAKUBO/Production Manger: Kou KAJINO
(C)2000 Gold View Co. Ltd.