The Tale Of Genji
(Genji Monogatari)
35mm/107min/color/dolby/American vista/animation
© Asahi Shinbun-sha/TV Asahi/Kadokawa Pictures

The Tale of Genji is based on a classic piece of literature by the same name written by MURASAKI Shikibu, a lady-in-waiting in the Court during early 11th century Japan. The original novel consists of 54 chapters and tells the tale of a handsome aristocrat, Hikaru Genji (Shining Genji), his uprising at the court, his romantic relationships with noble ladies, the collapse of his love life and finally coming to terms with uncertainty of life. Even after Genji’s death, the novel continues to tell the romantic saga of Genji’s offspring. This film covers the 1st through 12th chapters in which not all of female characters from the novel are featured.

Hikaru Genji is the second son of the Emperor Kiritsubo and his beloved concubine who died when Genji was three years old. The Emperor missed the concubine so much, he took a former princess of the preceding Emperor, Lady Fujitsuo – who resembled Genji’s mother – as one of his wives. Genji first loved Lady Fujitsuo as a Stepmother, but later he loves her as a woman. Lady Fujitsubo also falls for Genji, but it is a forbidden love.