(115 min/HD/Blue Ray/Color/Stereo/16:9)
A documentary directed by Masato Ishioka

Since the dawn of adult videos (AV) in the early 1980s, director Tadashi Yoyogi, AKA “Yoyochu” became a prolific creator of pornographic films that were as popular as they were controversial. Today he is considered a great master in the world of adult videos and is often referred to as the Father of AV. Even now, at the age of 72 he continues to create adult videos.

Many of his works transcend mere sexuality and can be discussed from psychology, sociology, and psychiatry point of views. Although the AV market is still male oriented, his films do receive high marks from many women. Yet, this fact is not known by many. His final goal, through many trials and errors in different approaches, is to address the subject of how we can find and capture happiness in our lives.

This documentary introduces his life with its many twists and turns along with a universal theme that is hidden in his works. Based on testimonials from those who give high marks regarding the intellectual quality of his films and his writings, it gives an in-depth portrait of the director, Tadashi Yoyogi.

The film also reflects the era in which he worked and attests to the hidden history of Japanese cinema and the sex industry. It is an unusual piece of work that gives an in-depth look at the man who has been seeking humanity’s sexual nature and relations between sexes.