Candy Boys

2014/ JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitles) / 79min/color/stereo/HD
(c) 2014 Je déteste le conconbre

A small world surrounded by deep forest, river and waterfall. Here is EDO Wonderland that is full of male flowers. One day, a male oiran Shiratori Dayu and the most popular candy boy Furimatsu have a fateful encounter and fall in love. However, a love ban is imposed and moreover, a strange disease becomes prevalent in EDO city. Oden, who is bewitching and whose face looks exactly like Shiratori, approaches Furimatsu. Shiratori Dayu is knocked down and out because Furimatsu changes his mind. What decisions will they make…? This is a luxurious and splendid romantic movie of beautiful men based on the original work of “Swan Lake,” one of the three major ballet works.

[director] HIROTA Leona
[cast] MAYAMA Akihiro TAKAHASHI Hiromu HASHIMOTO Atsushi