Sleeping Man
(35mm / color / 103 min / American vista / Dolby)
Directed by Kohei Oguri

The village of Hitosuji lies along a river flowing out ofthe mountains. In a farmer’s house, Takuji lies unconscious.
Back from South America, he had an accident in the mountains.
Several Southeast Asian women work in a bar.
One of them, Tia once had a son who drowned in a flood caused by
deforestation in her own country. Kamimura is a
schoolmate of Takuji. Coming to visit his friend, he starts to
remember how they would play as boys, and a hut they used to
visit deep in the forest. As the seasons pass, the villagers come
to know Tia, and she learns of Takuji. With the summer comes
a change in Takuji’s condition.

Ahn Sunk-ki, Christine Hakim, Koji Yakusho

Director: Kohei Oguri/Screenplay: Kohen Oguri, Kiyoshi Kenmochi/
Music: Toshio Hosokawa/Art Director Yoshinaga Yokoo/
Cinematography: Osamu Maruike/Lighting: Hideaki Yamakawa/
Recording: Soichi Inoue/Editor: Nobuo Ogawa
1996 Sleeping Man Production Committee