In central Tokyo, a young man Sosuke aspires to be a manga artist. His current work is about a battle between a hunter and a Japanese wolf. The Japanese Wolf however, is an extinct species which means that there is no traces of how it looks. He can't draw the wolf well, neither develop the story.
One winter's day, Sosuke finds an animal's skull while digging foundations at a construction site. He is a day laborer to make a living. Is it a Japanese wolf's skull? He tries to find the answer through searching on the internet, but there seems no clue. Then a chilly winter day, he meets with a mysterious girl who claims that she was looking for her dog that is missing for a week. 
Festival Awards
◆37th Warsaw Film Festival / Won the Ecumenical Jury Commendation Award (Special Mention)
◆52nd International Film Festival of India (Goa) / Won the Golden Peacock Award (Grand Prix)

Director: Masakazu Kaneko
Masakazu Kaneko was born in Tokyo in 1978. He studied at The Film School of Tokyo with Takahisa Zeze, director of "Heaven's Story"(FIPRESCI Prize at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival). After graduation, he directed six short films while working in the fields of TV commercials or films.
2007 / Sumire Ningyo (School Graduation Project)
2008 / Rapunzel (Short)
2009 / Konagona (Short)
2009 / Lost Story (Short)
2010 / The Man Who Restores (Short)
2013 / Secret Meeting (Short)
2013 / Camera Obscura (Short)
2016 / The Albino’s Trees (First Feature) *Officially invited to more than 20 international film festivals in 15 countries and achieved 20 awards worldwide, nine of which were Best Feature
2021 / Ring Wandering (2nd feature)

Length: 103minutes / Country: Japan / Language: Japanese / Subtitles: English / Year: 2021
Cast: Show KASAMATSU, Junko ABE, Ken YASUDA, Reiko KATAOKA, Hatsunori HASEGAWA