(35mm/95min/color/American Vista/Dolby SR)
  Directed by Ryuichi Hiroki
 Rei Hayakawa, a freelance writer, has the ability to hear voices
 within her own head. Voices like that of her mother’s scolding,
 school friends’ gossip and also the voice of her true feelings
 left unexpressed. But the voices cause her pain: they worry her,
 deplete her sleep, drive her to drink and cause eating disorders
 like bulimia and anorexia. One night in a convenience store,
 with the voices ever present in her head, she meets a truck driver.
 ”I want to touch him…”. She embarks on a journey with him,
 her body yielding to the vibrations of his truck, releasing her
 from the reliance on the voices in her head. Cast
 Shinobu Terajima/Nao Omori/Tomorow Taguchi Staff              
 Producers: Akira Morishige, Takeshi Oshima/
 Script Writer: Haruhiko Arai/Line Producer: Hirohisa Mukuju/
 Cinematographer: Kazuhiro Suzuki/
 Production Design: China Hayashi/Sound Recording: Akira Fukada/
 Music Producer: Hikaru Ishikawa
 2003 Vibrator Production Committee