Blowing In The Winds Of Vietnam 

©2015 Vietnam No Kaze Ni Fukarete Production Committee
Cast: Keiko MATSUSAKA / Reiko KUSAMURA / Eiji OKUDAIntroduction
his is a film about a 62 year old Japanese woman named Misao living in Vietnam who is joined by her 82 year-old mother with Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s the first Japan-Vietnam coproduction feature film and is based on a non-fiction novel, “A Granny from Echigo, Japan comes to live in Vietnam” by Miyuki Komatsu who currently lives and teaches Japanese in Hanoi.
The protagonist, Misao  lives in Vietnam teaching Japanese.  Her mother, Shizue, was born in the snow country of Niigata Prefecture and had lived a very hard and difficult life before, during and after World War II.   Misao decides to have her mother live with her, bringing her to Vietnam to spend the rest of her remaining days. A new life awaits Misao and her mother.