A Gentle Rain Falls For Fukushima
94mm/35mm/DCP/color/Dolby SR/Fantasy Family Drama
director: Atsushi KOKATSU
Ⓒ2012 Tetecheeta Chiquitita Production Committee

March 11. 2011, a day none of us will ever forget.   We watched in a horror as a Tsunami devastated the Japanese coast line.  As our eyes remained glued to the scenes appearing on our TVs, we saw the lights go out, we saw the fires rage, the total devastation mounting and ultimately the death toll climbing to an unbelievable number. As hours unfolding, we also witnessed the destruction of both the power plant itself and the myth of a completely safe nuclear power.  As a result of the events unfolded on that day, we bowed our heads in total despair over a sudden realization all that we valued in our lives could be wiped out by the destructive force of Mother Nature.
Despite the pain and suffering we experienced and witnessed for others, we still could find a silver lining that allowed us to rediscover what is truly important in life.  Things such as human connectivity, community, family and friends, helping others all are examples of what are truly important in life.

his is a story of a middle age man who fell into debt owning an architectural firm.  He runs away from his creditors and lands in a place call Fukushima.  It is here that he meets a young girl by the name of Rin who claims he was her son.  This leads to interesting connections that are made through Rin as he meets and befriends several other people.  These connections are formed well beyond the usual age and blood relation.