Just Pretended To Hear
99min /16:9/HD/color/stereo
directed by Kori IMAIZUMI

This story is based on the Director’s own experience when she was ayoung girl in the fifth grade. She became aware of the perception ofreality and had difficulty stepping out of her fantasy world during that time. When she was taught in school about the relationship between the “brain” and “soul”, she came to realize there is no such thing as ghosts, but at the same time she felt an emptiness.

The Director currently works as a nurse in the psychiatric dept. of a hospital and is also a mother of two children. This film is her debut feature film and was made while she was on maternity leave.

The story unfolds with a girl, who is going through an emotional turmoil,the sudden loss of her mother. The Adults in her life comfort her, saying her mother’s spirit is and always will be with her. She doesn’t know if she can truly believe in spirits and ghosts. Then one day she meets a girl who transferred from another school and sees that the girl seems to believe in ghosts.