RAIGA, the Monster from the Deep Sea
(HD Digital/color/85min/16:9/Stereo/Japan/Japanese/2009)

director : Shinpei Hayashiya
monster horror/sci-fi

A Traditional Japanese Monster vs A Bunch of War “OTAKUfanatic
Who’ll be the Winner?!

Sixty years have passed since the war between a deep-sea monster called REIGO and the battleship YAMATO. The time is now, in the midst of global warming that is disrupting the ecosystem on the Earth. A strange occurrence takes place along coastal waters in the Sea of Japan. A huge and mysterious creature, seemingly hunting whales, attacks a tanker and is rushing toward Tokyo Bay. A fishing boat operating in the bay has caught the strange creature, but then it mysteriously disappears after an explosion…

Yukijiro HOTARU as Hajime, Miyu ORIYAMA ,Mao URATA as Hibari, 
Manami ENOSAWA as Akari

Director/Screen Play/Producer: Shinpei HAYASHIYA

(c)2009 Crossroads Co., Ltd.