SABI♂ SABI♀-Quirky Guys and Gals
Genre: Comedy/ Omnibus film consisting of four segments.
Hdcam/color/91 min/American Vista/Stereo

Sabi is not short for wasabi.  It is a music jargon describing the hook or refrain that makes a song catchy and memorable.  Sabi man and women are “one of a kind” unique characters who go straight to the sabi without the usual builds-up of A melody and B melody.  They act impulsively without thinking how others may react to them.  People often regard them as odd-balls.  They are easily misunderstood and often ridiculed and scorned, but they keep going with their unconventional ways.

Cheer Girls (dir. Yosuke Fujita – It’s Fine, Totally Fine)
Chiharu, a college student, cannot help but cheer up the distressed people around her by performing a unique dance. Along with two other friends, the “Cheer Girls” are ready to cheer on whoever they run into who needs their encouragement. One day Chiharu gets a very bazaar request for their cheerleading…

Boy? Meets Girl
(dir. Tomoko Matunashi – How To Become a Film Director)
Muratsubaki, a high school boy, has a crush on classmate Kaori, the most beautiful girl in the school. But he is painfully shy and quiet almost to the point that his classmates don’t even know he exists. He thinks he isn’t good enough to become her boyfriend but he wishes he could talk to her just one time. One day he accidentally learns that with women’s make-up applied to his face, everyone’s eyes are suddenly on him. Then he begins to wonder what would happen if he appears disguising as a girl in front Kaori?

Claim Night (dir. Mipo O – The Happiness of The Sakai)
Mayuko Kusuhara becomes upset when she was treated rudely by a customer service rep of an electric company who she was talking to on the phone. The electricity of her place was shut off, so she was requesting the company to put the power back. The manager of the customer service center comes to her home and formally apologizes to Mayuko for the rep’s rudeness. However, she won’t let the manager get away so easily.

The House Full of “Abandoned” Business Man 
(dir. Gen Sekiguchi – SURVIVE STYLE 5+)

Mrs. Okada is a person who can’t ignore other people’s plight. One afternoon, she runs into a neighbor who she thinks is supposed to be at work but is hanging out in a park while dressed in his business suit. The neighbor has actually been laid off, but can’t come to tell his wife so he pretends that he goes to office every day.  Mrs. Okada proceeds offer him her home as a place to stay during work hours. Then in only a few months, Mrs. Okada’s house becomes full of men who similarly are “abandoned” by their companies….